Hi!! I started my nutrition journey in the fall of 2013 by doing some research on treating my sons ADHD with diet, as well as looking for a way to relieve the bloated, uncomfortable feeling of overall yuck I suffered from after virtually every meal I consumed. I did some reading on raw diets, vegetarian diets and vegan diets, but none of them sat well with me theory wise. A friend of mine had been telling me to look into the paleo diet, which I finally did, by reading Diane Sanfilippo’s “Practical Paleo,” and from there I was hooked! Nothing had ever made more sense than the information presented in that book, and the fact that so many people needlessly suffer every day following a completely inaccurate low fat/high carb diet is frustrating to me. I read any book, blog, and article I could that referenced the paleo diet. Symptoms I had been experiencing for years such as bloating, stomach pains, fatigue, and acne vanished as I transitioned processed foods, oils, and sugars out of my diet.
I had also never found cooking as enjoyable as I do now, since switching to a whole foods lifestyle. I spend the majority of my days off shopping for fresh local meats and veggies and then planning, prepping, and cooking meals. My spare time is used reading and researching the effects of eating a standard American diet versus eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet consisting of local pasture raised meats, organically grown local fruits and veggies, and high quality fats. I have never been so fascinated by anything in my life as I am with debunking diet myths through personal trials and relaying the flaws of conventional diet/nutrition wisdom to anyone who will listen to me.
Hence, the start of this blog. Nutrition has become my biggest passion. I’ve enjoyed sharing what I’m learning with my children and my immediate family. My children aren’t 100% paleo, but watching them (especially my 10 year old son with ADHD) make better choices based on the nutrition knowledge I share with him and his own realized connections between food and his behavior, is so amazing. My mother, an RN, now follows a healthier whole foods lifestyle as well.
I feel that this blog is the beginning of a new journey. I hope to develop my own voice in the nutrition community as I write about and share the information that I have learned. Nutrition consulting credentials will be in my future as well, when the time is right. So, please stick around. Ask questions. Give me your opinions.



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