21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 18

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I’m going to eat after the detox is over, and I think I’ve come to a decision. It’s very clear to me that dairy is out. I was already eating fairly dairy free before starting the detox. I would have raw organic cheddar occasionally on my taco salads, and then half and half in my coffees daily. I notice a huge difference in how I feel after eliminating the daily dose of dairy in my coffee. I’m actually going to start clarifying my butter before using it as well to eliminate the last of the dairy proteins from my diet.
I do also want to cut back on sweet treats and sweeteners that I use in cooking. I know myself and I know I can, and most likely will, over do it on sweet treats if they are around. Then I end up with a stomach ache and/or a headache from the sugar. I’ve decided that if I do decide to make a sweet treat it will be using only the highest quality sweetening agents possible. (Organic maple syrup/maple sugar, raw honey, organic coconut sugar) Including the chocolate. (Organic 80% chocolate or higher sweetened only with high quality sweetener). I was using enjoy life chocolate chips for my treat baking…ingredients: evaporated cane juice, natural chocolate liquor, non dairy cocoa butter. They are good, but I find that the extreme sweetness they come with triggers sugar cravings for me. I’ve actually ordered some Eating Evolved 85% essentially dark chocolate bars (ingredients – organic cacao and organic maple sugar) to make two post detox treats that I’ve been dreaming of.
1. Peanut butter cups are a weakness of mine and I really love to have some of Paleomg’s easy chocolate almond butter cups in my freezer as an evening treat. Her recipe calls for enjoy life chips, but I will be using my Eating Evolved dark chocolate bar.
2. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have never attempted to make paleo brownies. So, I’ll be trying Paleomg’s sweet potato brownies using some of the chocolate I ordered.
I feel like using higher quality ingredients will make me think twice about whipping up sweet treats every other day. Ordering them and having them shipped will take time, plus the cost factor will reign me in a bit. (Or at least my husband hopes 😉

Here’s a link to Diane Sanfilippo’s guide to post detox eating.

For breakfast this morning I had pretty much the same thing as yesterday, minus the green pepper. Scrambled eggs, sweet potato, and home made sauerkraut.


I had a green tipped banana for snack, and then, later on, the last two Cracklin chicken thighs for lunch.

I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and found MaraNatha all natural almond butter, which is their sugar free one. Score! Nothing added, strictly almonds :). I can make my own, but it’s rough on the blender motor and since they don’t have coconut butter at shoprite I’ll save the blender abuse for turning those coconut flakes into yummy butter. I also grabbed two raw kombuchas, which are allowed on the 21DSD as a limit drink. I’ve been meaning to pick them up to try, but keep forgetting. That’ll be my treat tonight.


For dinner I made italian braised lamb shoulder chops, which is a sneak peak recipe from The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook by Diana Rogers of sustainabledish.com. I served those bad boys up with cauli mash and green beans. All I can say is AH-Mazing! So easy and really good! My kids gobbled them up.


That’s about it for day 18! I’ll be sipping on some kombucha after the kids are in bed 🙂

Happy detoxing


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