21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 17

Things I’ve learned/habits I’ve broken during the 21DSD:

1. No more dairy or sugar in my coffee. I can drink it black, I can drink it with coconut milk, I can drink it bulletproof and I love making my own flavored creamers. But, I no longer feel bloated from dairy and sugared up from sugar after drinking my morning cup.
2. I now only have a morning cup! No mid morning cup, no mid afternoon cup, I actually don’t even NEED my morning cup. I have it because I enjoy it.
3. I sleep better and am energized and focused throughout the day.
4. I’ve given up gum since its a no while on the detox. (Artificial sweeteners galore). I’ve done some reading about potential digestive damage that gum chewing can cause….there will be a blog post about that eventually once I’ve done some more reading.
5. I’ve come to know my happy balance of starchy carbs such as the limit foods and the energy modification foods – sweet potato, plantains, acorn squash, butternut squash, etc. having unintentionally lost too much weight the first time around by too strictly limiting them, I was able to include them in this second detox at a balanced rate to maintain my weight.
6. I’ve started drinking herbal teas, traditional medicinal brand mostly, and I’m really enjoying them as a sweet treat replacement. They are a great caffeine free replacement for the urge to have a warm cup of something in my hands, which was part of my coffee addiction, and they are also great to wind down with at the end of a busy day.
7. Green bananas and Granny Smith apples are really very sweet when your taste buds aren’t confused from all the artificial flavors/natural sweeteners that are so often used in cooking and processed foods.

I had a huge breakfast today! 2/3 of a sweet potato with onion and a whole green pepper sautéed in lard. Along with some of my home made sauerkraut and 3 scrambled eggs. Yes! I was so hungry I ate it ALL!!!


Actually, I was so hungry this morning that about two hours after breakfast I needed more 😱. So I whipped up a quick cinnamon coconut flour waffle and spread some butter on it hoping that would keep me full for a while.

It did until lunch which was leftover sausage zoodle sauce from last night. It’s Wednesday, our late activity night, so I prepped some chicken thighs for Cracklin chicken for after ballet. We got home after ballet and I cut an acorn squash in half and tossed it in a 400 degree oven to cook while I fried up some Cracklin chicken thighs with Flavorgod spicy everything seasoning and Redmonds Real Salt. I spiralized the rest of my zucchini and tossed that quickly in a pan with some butter until it was warmed. I put some butter and cinnamon on the acorn squash….mm mm mmmm


I whipped up another chocolate mug cake after I put the kiddies to bed. And I’ll finish the night off with some herbal tea 🙂

Happy detoxing


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