21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 14

Two weeks down, one week to go!! Yesss!! While I’m not looking to add excessive amounts of sweets back into my diet when my 21 days are up, I am looking forward to a few things:
1. Eating more fruit! I have certainly developed a newfound love for Granny Smith apples but I miss grapes and ripe bananas a ton.
2. Maple syrup on my Sunday morning pancakes or waffles. I tend to only make these once a week, (if that) as eating them too often pushes out more nutrient dense foods that I could be eating with my morning eggs, but I do like a little drizzle of pure maple syrup on them when I do have them.
3. I’ve come to realize that out of all the paleo treats I’ve made, I have never yet tried to make paleo brownies! And there are so many great recipes out there that seem to be popping up in front of me during this detox! I may just celebrate on day 22 with a tray of brownies and a candle! 🎉🎉

I was trying to think of 5 things that I miss, but I just can’t…which is good. I know the list of new habits and things I’ve learned from doing a sugar detox is much longer and I’ll share that list later this week. 🙂

Now, what yummies did I eat today. For breakfast I had cabbage sautéed in bacon fat topped with two fried eggs. Lunch was a sweet potato and the last of my venison stew. I also had a peppermint hot chocolate to warm up before I headed out to work. I had made dinner in the morning after we had breakfast. I usually try to have something easy ready for my husband on the evenings that I work. Today I made the Asian style meatballs from the 21DSD guidebook with cauli rice. So, I had a packed a little dish of that for myself. They turned out pretty tasty, even though I misplaced the chunk of fresh ginger I had bought for them.


After work I came home and threw together a chocolate mug cake and a little chocolate whip, unsweetened of course! A tasty little treat.


Happy detoxing


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