21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 10

Woohoo! I’ve made it half way ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰. Today was a challenge though. I work at night all weekend (2-10pm), which means that when I get home after work at 10:30 I’m still wound up. It takes me a while to settle down and get sleepy. So, I stay up late until I’m tired. Today was my first day back 9-5 since last Thursday, and I stayed up way too late last night and had to get up way too early today. I was tired, on top of not having brought enough food! I so badly wanted that late afternoon second cup of coffee today, but I held strong and didn’t have it. I was also craving a snack, any snack! But I didn’t cave.

I started my morning off with a fantastic breakfast. I had left over herb drop biscuits so I stuck them under the broiler to warm them while I cooked up some bacon and eggs. I put them on the biscuits and voila! Bacon and egg biscuits. They held up quite nicely and tasted divine.



Lunch was leftover chicken and Brussels sprouts smothered in gravy.
I WISH I had brought more, but I didn’t. After work I stopped home to check my venison stew before I went to take Lianna to ballet. Wednesday is crockpot day since the kids have late activities, I need a meal that will cook itself. I stirred up the stew, added some arrowroot to thicken it up, and turned the crockpot to warm since the piece of venison I tasted was perfect. I also threw some potatoes in the oven to bake at 400 while I changed and looked for her ballet stuff. I left the oven on right until I was ready to go then I shut it off, but left the potatoes in with the hopes that by the time I got home they would be cooked through. And it worked! We got home around 7pm and my potato was cooked enough to eat, and honestly by that point I was so hungry, I probably would have eaten it raw! I can’t even tell you how deliciously warm and flavorful that stew was! Totally hit the spot on this cold night. It’s hard to take a pretty picture of stew, but believe me it was excellent ๐Ÿ™‚


I ate 2 little almond butter cups while I did home work with Lianna and after I put the kids to bed, this happened:



Click the link, make it, eat it. You’re welcome.

Happy detoxing!


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