21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 9

I don’t think I’ve ever cooked as much in one day as I did today! Wow! I have bone broth on the stove, which I’ll let simmer until probably about 10pm tonight, then I’ll strain it and let it cool for an hour or so before putting it in mason jars in the fridge. I made beef jerky in the oven with a London broil from the farm. I made lemon vanilla meltaways, and while they set up in the freezer I got some raw sauerkraut prepared, in jars, and ready to ferment! I’m pretty excited about that one. I feel like if I’m lacking anything in my diet its probiotics, so now I’ll be covered there 👍. Then I made some sweetener free almond butter cups…they are really good!!




Now what did I cook that I actually ate today!? Although, no doubt, I tasted tested everything I Made 😉

For breakfast I had two eggs with peppers, onions, and some chunks of London broil that had gotten too tiny for me to slice thin for the jerky. And a glass of almond milk 🙂


Around lunch time my stomach had gotten queasy. Too much tasting of the treats I had made! The lemon vanilla meltaways and the almond butter cups are very rich and made with coconut oil and coconut butter. One small piece as a treat is one thing, but I overdid the tasting. So, I drank a cup of traditional medicinals eater’s Digest peppermint tea. That settled my stomach so I could fill it with something substantial instead of just coconut oil 😱. For lunch I reheated a pork chop and the last of the veggies the hubby had made and ate that along with a green tipped banana.

After lunch I put a free range chicken in the crockpot using Nom Nom Paleo’s slow cooker roast chicken and gravy recipe. I let that cook for about 4 1/2 hours. With that I sautéed some Brussels sprouts in bacon fat and baked the herb drop biscuits from the 21DSD guide book. This is my favorite recipe for a whole chicken. It stays deliciously juicy.


And the best part is I have leftovers for lunch at work tomorrow, and I have extra biscuits, so I’ll be making bacon and egg sandwiches on them for breakfast!!

I’ll be having an almond butter cup in a little bit for dessert and a cup of tea to relax. This detox is going SO much easier than the first. 9 days in and I have loads of energy and I feel like I’ve hit that sweet spot, where my meals are perfectly satisfying and I don’t NEED a snack or dessert.


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