21 Day Sugar Detox -Day 7

I made it to day 7! 7 days with no sweeteners of any kind, natural, processed, or artificial. Also, 7 days with only 1 coffee per day which is a personal goal of mine.
I thought today I would share a little bit about my food prepping techniques. I’m by no means perfect or super organized, but I have a little bit of a routine and it works for me. Breakfast is pretty standard. We have 8 backyard chickens, so I always have eggs on hand. From what I’ve learned about chickens they generally slow down or stop laying eggs altogether in the winter, but my chickens must be superpower chickens because they still lay eggs everyday! Despite the below freezing weather we’ve been having. I get anywhere from 5-7 eggs per day. Needless to say breakfast is almost always eggs and whatever veggies I have in my fridge.
I’ll usually get an idea of the dinners I want to cook for the week as I browse through paleo blogs and my cookbooks. I may jot down a little list and then from that I’ll make a list of the meats I’ll need from the farm that week. I always make enough dinner for leftovers. Stews and chilis will usually give me a few days of leftovers, and regular meals will generally give me one day of leftovers….these leftovers are what I pack for lunch/dinner at work. For the occasional day where I don’t have leftovers to pack for lunch I always have a few cans of Wild Planet tuna or sardines in my cabinets. Currently my kids eat school lunches, and my husband eats on the go (fast food, pizza, Chinese, etc) despite my constantly trying to convert him. I will eventually, even if it’s just a 21DSD or a Whole 30 so he can feel the difference a better diet will have on his life. I buy my veggies from local farmers markets whenever possible. The one in my town sets up Sunday mornings and runs May through November. When I can’t make it to the market I hit my local shoprite.
That’s it, nothing super glamorous, just a little pre-thinking on my end meat wise to make sure I can get through the week until the farm is open again. Shoprite is always there for veggies, but to me, making sure my meat is high quality is my biggest concern. I spend my days off prepping snacky type foods….you should see the list of things I’m prepping/cooking on Tuesday!! (And you will in good time) 🙂

Now, onto sharing my delicious celebratory day 7 breakfast. Today I had a waffle using the 21DSD modification, topped with 2 eggs, and Granny Smith Apple slices that I sautéed in butter and cinnamon. Alongside that I had 2 pieces of farm fresh bacon and a glass of home made almond milk. Oh, so good!! It was funny because my husband didn’t like the apples, complaining that they were too bitter and that I should have used red apples, and his were also smothered in syrup!! No syrup for me, yet I found them to be very sweet.


Lunch was red and purple cabbage sautéed in bacon fat with 2 eggs scrambled in and 1/2 and avocado.


I had a light dinner since I didn’t have anything prepped. A can of sardines with my herb crackers. And when I got home from work I had the last of my leftover cauli mash with some green beans and steak that my husband had cooked up. Farm fresh London broil. Yum. Our favorite cut of steak.


Loving all this energy!!!

Happy detoxing


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