21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 4

Big news!! I finally ordered a spiralizer!! It’ll be here Saturday thanks to Amazon prime, and I am so excited to spiralize all the veggies!! I just know it’s going to open up a whole new door of cooking and eating adventures….zucchini noodles (aka zoodles), sweet potato noodles….EEK!!

Whew, now that I’m done doing my paleo nerd happy dance we can move on 😜. I’ve decided to add pictures of my 21DSD meals as a sort of reference on portion sizing. I’ve noticed in the official 21DSD January Facebook group that a lot of questions that are posted there are regarding how much of this should I eat, is this enough, what are the serving sizes of this and that, etc.  I know this is hard in the beginning of anyone’s paleo/21DSD journey, and I’m sure it’s especially difficult jumping right into a paleoish strict sugar detox.  Side note — There are 3 levels of the detox.  I’m doing the 3rd as I was paleo already…that is the most restrictive level.  Level 1 is the least restrictive and contains some grains and dairy, among other things.  So, as I was saying, transitioning your diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to paleo/21DSD at any rate is a challenge.  It requires you to completely forget everything you’ve ever been taught about counting calories, weighing food, low-fat, high-carb, etc…and to just TRUST your body.  Not only that but there is an adjustment period where your body needs to relearn where it’s going to get it’s energy from.  On a SAD your body is used to burning all the processed carbs you’re eating for quick energy.  (eat processed carbs = blood sugar spike = eventual blood sugar crash = your body craving more of those processed carbs to spike back up)  Eating paleo/sugar detox your body doesn’t have those quick burning carbs to use for energy.  It has the healthy fats you are eating, and fat, unlike processed carbs, burns slow and steady, keeping you feeling full as well as energized.  That is where the lag time comes in.  Your body takes some time to adjust from a processed carb burning machine into a FAT burning machine!  Now, I realize that what is enough for me may not be enough or may be too much for someone else, but at least it’s a reference point on amount and proportions of protein, fat, and carb (veggies).  The most important thing is to listen to your body.  If you feel full, stop eating, if it’s “lunch time” but you aren’t hungry yet, then wait.  You’re body knows what it needs, but years of eating processed nutrient poor food has confused it.  You can reset it by eating nutrient dense whole foods!!  🙂

Now…what did I fuel up with on day 4 of my sugar detox?

I started my day off with my cup of coffee, dollop of peppermint mocha creamer (which I’m pretty much in love with now), and a teaspoon of butter.  For breakfast I had green pepper, onion, and spinach sauteed in Kerrygold butter with 2 chopped up home made sausage patties and two eggs scrambled in.

Ate breakfast, kids on the school buses…off to work.  I had a green tipped banana around 10:30ish for a little snacky poo.  “Green tipped” because that’s the only kind of bananas allowed on the 21DSD.  You can have 1 green tipped banana OR 1 granny smith apple per day.  I prefer the granny smith apples, but I was out of them today. 😦  Now, I found with my first detox that the granny smith apples SAVED me each day when I would get a sweet craving!  I was eating one religiously every day.  Usually with almond butter.  So good.  It was also really amazing how in the beginning of the detox the granny smiths tasted more sour than sweet, but by the end of the 21 days they tasted super sweet.  Pretty wild how much your taste buds can change.  For lunch I had packed a leftover hamburger patty from the night before…I heated that up and chopped it up and scooped the half an avocado I had packed into that dish.  I also had packed some carrot and celery sticks, which I dipped into the almond herb “cheese” spread.


I snacked on the last of my herb crackers at some point in the afternoon before I left work even though I wasn’t really hungry.  I had a taste for something crunchy though and those really hit the spot.  Definitely going to have to make some more tomorrow. (I had packed my son some for his school snack today as a surprise and I’m happy to report he liked them!)  Dinner was very tasty tonight.  I sauteed asparagus in coconut oil and butter and seasoned with my Flavorgod spicy everything seasoning.  I used the same seasoning on the wild caught salmon I picked up and cooked that in a pan.  I also made cauliflower mash for the first time in my new Ninja Blender that my awesome mom got me for Christmas.  Wow!  That thing makes good mash…quick, light and smooth.


As I type this I’m snacking on some toasted coconut flakes with a sprinkle of sea salt, cinnamon, and cacao powder.  I think I may forgo my usual herbal tea tonight for some cold water which I don’t think I’ve had enough of over the last few days, and I’m thinking is probably the reason for the slight headache I’ve had all day.

Happy Detoxing



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