21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 3

The thing I love the very most about eating paleo, and it’s even more noticeable when doing a sugar detox, is how I don’t constantly NEED to eat every 2-3 hours. When your blood sugar stays level and you’re eating the nutrient dense whole foods that your body needs to operate, then hunger is much less dramatic. Hunger, on a diet of whole foods, is like “eh, I could eat” rather than that shaky, cranky, I’m going to hit the next person I see who doesn’t have food for me kind of hungry you get when your blood sugar drops. When you get that kind of hungry, often referred to as HANGRY, many people, including my old self, would grab the nearest bag of chips, Oreos, cheez-its, m&ms…you get the idea…and inhale those. Which in turn will spike your blood sugar up up up. You MAY feel full temporarily after you scarf that down, but 1. You’re blood sugar will come crashing down shortly causing the same hangry cycle and 2. Your body and nature are much smarter than any food scientist in a factory inventing those above food like substances. Your body is going to continue to make you feel hungry because it’s not getting the nutrients it needs to function! When you eat real food – such as a breakfast consisting of 3 pastured eggs scrambled in coconut oil, a few slices of pastured bacon and some assorted veggies and spinach sautéed in the bacon fat – you are getting all that your body needs to properly function, and to keep you full and energized for HOURS! Protein in the eggs, healthy fats in the coconut oil and bacon fat, and carbs as well as the micronutrients that your cells need to function from the veggies.

I’ll go into details on all of that in future blog posts, but the reason I wanted to start tonight off on that note is because, well for one I just really love not being a slave to constant hunger and for two, today was one of those days where I was just not super hungry. Between having my blood sugar totally in check these last few days on the detox and the delicious avocado filled chocolate mousse I ate before bed last night I woke up not particularly hungry. I had my morning coffee with another dollop of my peppermint mocha creamer and a teaspoon of kerrygold, and normally I would get hungry not long after that, but I just didn’t. I scrambled up a few extra eggs when I made my daughters breakfast and I ate maybe half of that. I was glad I had prepped some extra snacks the afternoon before because I was working 9-5 and I figured with my light breakfast I would need a snack sometime before lunch.
I did end up having a little snack around 11. I still wasn’t super hungry, but I thought “eh, I could eat” so I took a break and munched on some carrot and celery sticks dipped in the almond herb “cheese” spread I had made yesterday. Around 12 I finally did get hungry so I had lunch, which was leftover cracklin’ chicken and roast veggies from the night before. I was pretty busy at work, my boss had stopped by and given me a list of “move this, wipe this down” sort of things to do, so I ran around working on that until it was time to leave. Wednesday night my son has a late taekwondo class and my daughter has ballet so I ate a small baggie of my herbed crackers to hold me over through those two endeavors.
And it worked. We got home afterwards and I pulled out the burgers I had prepped in the morning. Flavors marinating all day in grassfed ground beef patties. Oh yes :). Too cold for grilling outside so I stuck them in the oven while I fried some sweet potato fries in grassfed tallow. I topped my burger with tomato, onion, and avocado and wrapped it all up in some lettuce. So so good.
I’m snacking on some toasted coconut chips now and will end the night, as usual with, with some herbal tea. :).

Happy detoxing



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