21 Day Sugar Detox -Day 2

Why do a sugar detox? Do you crave sweet things? Do you feel lightheaded and shaky when you don’t eat every couple of hours? Do you rely on sugary caffeinated beverages to get you through that mid-afternoon slump? Then you may want to try a sugar detox, because as skeptical as I was before doing it….you really can get rid of all of the above and feel constantly satisfied by the whole healthy foods you are eating, as well as have constant energy and sharp focus throughout the day!! Honestly! The first week or so was a little rough, but by the end of my first sugar detox I really felt that much better. –Did you know that sugar stimulates the same neurotransmitters and pleasure receptors as cocaine? Well it does. And that to me is scary. That to me is enough to give up or at the very least, limit sugar/sweeteners right away.

I almost always eat eggs for breakfast. Today would have been no exception, except I hadn’t planned on my husband eating breakfast at home. I had 6 eggs…2 for each kid and 2 for me until hubby said can you make me eggs and toast, please? Ugh…so I did. Which meant that after he and the kids were off to work and school I had to make other breakfast plans. I ended up reheating some more leftover paleo crockpot chili and tossing in half an avocado. Breakfast was served. I decided to be pro active about lunch, since I had just eaten my lunch for breakfast, and I pulled out a pound of pasture raised ground pork to defrost for breakfast sausage. If I was going to have lunch for breakfast then the obvious choice for actual lunch was breakfast. ;). Around 10:30ish I got a taste for a little snack. I shook a couple handfuls of unsweetened organic coconut flakes into a skillet and toasted them until they started turning light brown. Just as they were finishing up I sprinkled some cinnamon and sea salt on them. Voila!! A tasty 21DSD friendly whole foods snack. I saved half of them in a baggie for tomorrow. 👍. Then I ran to the store for some snack ingredients I had decided I wanted to prep today, since I was ill prepared snack wise yesterday. I pretty much spend my days off washing laundry and food prepping. The laundry part is LAME (and seriously never ending since my first child was born 10 1/2 years ago!!) but I honestly find the cooking part very therapeutic and relaxing. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not much for creating recipes, but I can follow them like nobodies business. :). I prepped the herb almond “cheese” spread (which tastes nothing like cheese and contains no dairy) and herb crackers for dipping into the spread. Both of these recipes came from the 21 day sugar detox guide book. I find that having crunchy paleo/21DSD friendly snacks helps with cravings, as Pre-paleo I would have grabbed cheez-its or chips or cookies. I also whipped up some moo-less chocolate mousse for this evenings dessert.
For dinner we had Nom Nom Paleo’s Cracklin’ Chicken and a dish of roasted veggies-carrots, broccoli, Brussels, and red peppers. Everything was seasoned with Flavor God Spicy Everything Seasoning. Very tasty. Very satisfying. And then came dessert….I gave the kids their mousse and I did tell them it was paleo mostly because my daughter asked. She’s 6 and a bit picky when it comes to food. My 10 year old son, however is very open to the paleo/whole foods concept. While I don’t force them to always eat paleo I do cook that way at home and I only cook one meal for dinner. I have absolutely adopted my mother’s motto of “eat it or starve”. While I do enjoy cooking, I’m no short order cook!! So, when I served them their moo-less chocolate mousse, as I expected, my daughter wouldn’t eat it and my son devoured his and half of his sisters!
Now, I’m off to eat mine while re-watching the entires series of The Sopranos on Apple TV with the hubby, and eventually finishing the evening off with a cup of herbal tea.

Happy detoxing!
More tomorrow–



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