21 Day Sugar Detox – Day 1

I’m going to start things off on this blog with a day by day documentation of my second 21 day sugar detox (21DSD). I did my first 21DSD from 12/1-12/21 and actually stayed compliant until Christmas Eve when I did some baking and WAY too much sampling and taste testing. (And then I proceeded to wake up christmas morning with a massive headache/sugar hangover. Lesson learned….).
So, today I started my morning (which happened to also be the first day back to school for the kiddos after winter break) with a cup of coffee with a large dollop of this fabulous dairy free peppermint mocha creamer (I left out the honey for 21DSD compliance) and added a teaspoon of Kerry gold grass-fed butter blended in with an immersion blender for that extra creamy hit! So good! I sipped on that sucker all morning while I got my son ready to catch his 6:57am bus and then continued while I got my daughter ready for her 8:20am bus. All things went well considering…I’m pretty sure I sent everybody off with all the essentials. –now, a side note on drinking unsweetened coffee. I’ve been a cream and sugar girl for years. Ditching sweeteners and half and half in my coffee cold turkey for my first detox was rough! BUT as I eat a fairly strict paleo diet on a normal basis my morning coffee was my only source of dairy and refined sugar, so for me, a huge reason I was undertaking my first detox was to change my coffee habits. It was almost a full week before I could even finish a cup of unsweetened coffee and another week before I could finish a cup and say I enjoyed it. I also suffered from a nasty headache and was super cranky for the first 3 days from the sudden lack of sugar and lack of caffeine since I was drinking 2-3 cups a day pre-detox and during my detox adjustment period I couldn’t stomach more than 1 cup, if that. So, to make a long story as short as possible, I haven’t had sweetened coffee since November 30th 2014! AND, I cut my coffee consumption down from 2-3 massive cups a day to 1 in the morning…..maybe a second in the afternoon if the mood strikes, but I am no longer a slave to my caffeine addiction! YAY!! If I walked away with nothing else from the 21DSD at least I cleaned up my coffee act! But trust me, I’ve walked away with much more :).
Back to my eats for the day….once my kids were off to school I threw some bacon fat in a pan and crisped up 1/2 a sweet potato with some onion, strained them out and wilted baby spinach in the remaining fat. I also scrambled up 3 eggs (from my backyard chickens ;). It was tasty AND satisfying. Kept me full while I cleaned up the house until lunch. For lunch I wanted Tuna, but my husband had eaten the last can on me the afternoon before, so I settled for a can of wild planet sardines on top of red and green cabbage sautéed in….BACON FAT! Yum! I wanted a snack once I got to work, but since I had forgotten to pack anything and the shoprite across the street was out of their fresh ground almond butter I just sucked it up until dinner. I had packed leftover paleo crockpot chili (seriously the most delicious chili I’ve ever had! You must try it!!). And I threw half an avocado in it too. After I ate the chili I was having some serious craving for some sweets. STRONG cravings. And working where I do there is plenty of candy hanging around…but I held on strong and haven’t touched the sweet stuff. When I get home from work I’ll wind down with a mug of hot herbal tea as a reward for not submitting to temptation!!

More tomorrow –
Happy detoxing!!


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